Reggie Dunlop
Reggie Dunlop 1
Reggie during a game
Gender Male
Occupation Player-coach of the Charlestown Chiefs
Nationality n/a
Portrayed by Paul Newman
Appearances Slap Shot
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Reggie Dunlop is the main character of the 1977 film Slap Shot. He is the player-coach of the Charlestown Chiefs in the Federal League. He wears #7 on his jersey.


Reggie was married to Francine and played minor league hockey for many years. He eventually became the player-coach of the Charlestown Chiefs.

In his 50's, he and Francine separated and his Chiefs turned out to be a losing team. Fans stopped paying to see them play and Reg was criticized for not retiring sooner. When he found out the team was folding and the owner was not going to sell them, Reg did whatever it took to make the players fight and draw in the fans, which would in turn bring in money.

In his final season as a player, Reggie's Chiefs won the Federal League championship. Since the Chiefs were folding, Reggie was offered a coaching position for another minor league team, the Minnesota Nighthawks.

Personality and traitsEdit

Reggie is bold, manipulative, a ladies-man, and he does whatever it takes to make things go his way.

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