Hello! We're glad you're interested in helping out! There are a number of things to do to contribute and improve the wiki. There are plenty of articles to be edited, expanded, or improved upon. All of the following aspects need improvement, so feel free to explore and complete some of these tasks. Join us in our efforts to make this a better wiki. Also, don't forget to review the wiki's rules, policies and manual of style.

Spelling and grammarEdit

There are always spelling and grammar issues on any wiki. You can always take some time and just surf through some articles and correct any spelling or grammar issues you may come across.

Red linksEdit

A red link indicates that the article it links to doesn't yet exist. You can create that missing article and add any information you can about the subject. You can also check the Wanted pages to see what articles haven't been created yet.


Stubs are articles that have only a small amount of information. Stubs always need expansion. You can check out all the article stubs here and expand upon any one of them.


Images greatly improve articles. If you come across an article that doesn't have an image, feel free to add one by uploading it and placing it within the article.

While browsing...Edit

If you ever come across an article that is missing information or has incorrect information, go ahead and add or correct it. Contributions as simple as that are always welcome.